Kusano Yoshiaki Tanto (fss-417)

Mei: mumei   Date: Kaei 1848-1854
Nagasa : 12  1/4 "
Width at the ha-machi: 26.6 mm
Thickness at the mune-machi: 6.4 mm
Construction: hira-zukuri
Mune: iori
Nakago: ubu
Kitae: ko-itame/mokume
Hamon: gonome midare
Boshi:  midarekomi, saki hikkake
Condition:  good polish


A fine hira-zukiri sword in the Gasson tradition this sword has a vibrant hamon in exquisite mountings. The sword was attributed to Yoshiaki den of the Gasson Sadayoshi Mon. The hamon is an active Gunome midare with abundant activity. Sunagashi, kinsuji and much nie can be found throughout the blade The hada is a mixture of Mokume and ko-Itame with ji-nie.

A beautiful koshirae of lacquered saya and tsuka are finished in black. The kodzuka is an interesting skeleton and the balance of the furniture varies in theme but is exceptional. All in all a very attractive set of mounts for a beautiful sword in the Gasson tradition.


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Length: 1 shaku 3 bu
April 26, 2007
No. 16379
Mei inscription: Mumei
Kitae: Mixture of ko-itame and mokume
Hamon: Gonome midare
B˘shi: Midarekomi, saki is hakkake
Nakago: Two mekugi ana, yasurime ˘-sujikai
Remarks: Settsu no Kuni, Around Kaei (1848-1854)
He was in the GASSAN SADAYOSHI Mon. He was bornin Inaba, and his real name was Kusano Tetsu Sabur˘. He left behind works with nenki of Ansei, Bunkyű, Kei˘, and Meiji.


This fine tanto comes in polish with mounts and papers.


This sword is on consignment.


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