(Soshu) Tsunahiro

Mei: Mumei   Date: Man-en(1860)
Nagasa : 28"
Sori: 12.0mm
Width at the ha-machi: 30.5mm
Width below the boshi: 27.2mm
Thickness at the mune-machi: 7.4mm
Construction: Kanmuri-otoshi-zukuri
Mune: Iori
Nakago: Ubu
Yasurime: Kiri
Kitae: Itame
Hamon: Hitatsura
Boshi:  Jizu


The soshu tsunahiro line is highly respect and is very sought-after. This late generation soshu school sword is exquisite and displays one of the most unique examples of  hitatsura that I have even come across.  This is an extremely interesting and unique hamon.  The shape of the katana (Kanmuri-otoshi-zukuri) is rarely found on swords of this great length. The sword is flawless and forged very well.  The pictures speak for themselves.  This tsunahiro comes in its original polish.  The polish is in great shape with some very minor scuffing.  this sword has been placed in a new shirasaya to protect the original polish.  The quality and unique style of  this sword makes it a one of a kind piece.



A very well made and matching koshirai accompany this sword.  The koshirai is from the shin-shinto period and appears to have been made specially for this katana.  Even the handle wrapping is sound and in great condition.  The saya has abalone shell imbedded in the lacquer and is not broken or split.




This sword comes in a good polish and a new shirasaya, original koshirai and a tsunagi to hold the mounts together for displaying. 

This sword is on consignment.

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