(Sekishu) Nagatsugu

Mei: sekishu yuchi-gori ju nagatsugu  Date: 12th year of tensho (1573)
Nagasa : 25 "
Sori: 16.0mm
Width at the ha-machi: 29.1mm
Width at the yokote: 19.5mm
Thickness at the mune-machi: 6.2mm
Construction: shinogi-zukuri
Mune: iori
Nakago: ubu
Kitae: itame
Hamon: midare-notare
Boshi:  midare-komi
Polished and flawless



This is an exquisite katana that has no flaws at all.  In the resent September shinsa it actually scored at 77points.  The sword has never been altered by cutting down and is signed and dated.  An excellent koto period sword in original length and with original nakago.  The sword shows many hataraki and the hamon is very elegantly made.  The hada has very nice utsuri and is well forged.  The hada has a rich look to it that look wet to the eye.  This sword comes with its original koshirai that is very beautiful also.  This is a complete set that is not found always.





This koshirai comes also with papers showing that it is a true koshirai and not put together recently.  The saya is impressive and beautiful and flawless.  The fittings are silver washed or solid silver with gold accents.  Overall a wonderful set of koshirai.



This sword has recently received a passing Kanteisho paper at the September Shinsa.  The mounts also come with papers.  The sword and koshirai comes with the NTHK preliminary work sheet and a personal guaranty from Nihonto Antiques that these papers will be forwarded to the new owner the moment we receive them.  This should take approximately two months.