Noshu Ju Kanetoshi (fss-746)


This is a late war army officers sword from WWII. This sword is a hand forged blade and not mass produced. It has good hada that was well forged and a very active hamon that was water quenched in the tradition manner. This is a very good example of a sword made by the Rikugun Jumei sword smith Kanetoshi. Kanetoshi is listed as a Rikugun Jumei Tosho. Swords made from this group can have a star stamp on the blade as this one has. This blade comes in original mounts and is in good condition.


[Star Stamp] Nôshû-jû Kanetoshi (濃州住兼俊)[Seki Stamp] Shôwa jûkunen rokugatsu (昭和十九年六月, “June 1944”)

KANETOSHI (兼俊), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Gifu – “Kanetoshi” (兼俊), real name Murayama Kinokazu (村山喜之一), born August 3rd 1905, he worked as rikugun-jumei-tōshō and died February 23rd 1978, jōkō no retsu (Akihide), Second Seat at the 6th Shinsaku Nihontō Denrankai (新作日本刀展覧会, 1941)

The hamon is an erratic blend of gorgeous choji midare with all sorts on inner activity to be found. The hada is mainly a tight well worked itame as seen in the pictures with misc. swirls of chikei and some O-hada.The blade is in a beautiful pristine polish and high grade shirasaya to protect the polish. The hamon is peppered with Nie as well as ji-nie.

From the “Japanese Sword Guide”

The presence of a STAR stamp on the nakago of a WW II era sword blade is an indicator of a blade made by swordsmiths of the Rikugun Jumei Tosho. To become Rikugun Jumei Tosho, a swordsmith had to pass tests and examination of his blades. Once accepted as an Army Certified Swordsmith (Rikugun Jumei Tosho), the smith was given a regular allocation of tamehagane with which to make sword blades. Jumei Tosho smiths also made blades using non-traditional materials, mainly forged mill steel. Blades with star stamps and which show nie in the yakiba are considered by some collectors to be gendaito; whereas other stamps were indicative of blades made by non-traditional methods and are therefore not gendaito. It is still hotly debated as to whether all tang stamps indicate non-traditionally made blades or whether certain stamps such as the star stamp indicate blades made in the traditional manner. Some star stamped blades have received origami from the NBTHK. A complete list of Rikugun Jumei Tosho swordsmiths was published in Showa 17 entitled “Rikugun Jumei Tosho Meibo”. There were also Navy commissioned swordsmiths (Kaigun Toko), but little information is currently available on them.

  • Mei:[Star Stamp] Nôshû-jû Kanetoshi (濃州住兼俊)
  • Date: [Seki Stamp] Shôwa jûkunen rokugatsu (昭和十九年六月, “June 1944”)
  • Nagasa: 25 3/16 “
  • Sori: 15.0mm
  • Width at the ha-machi: 33.4mm
  • Width at the yokote: 24.1mm
  • Thickness at the mune-machi: 6.1mm
  • Construction: shinogi zukuri
  • Mune: iori
  • Nakago: ubu
  • Kitae: ko itame
  • Hamon: midare
  • Boshi: maru
  • Condition: good polish
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